Fine Automobile Storage in West Palm Beach

We offer both secure long or short term air conditioning indoor vehicle storage for fine automobiles. We also offer storage services for boats/trailers, motorcycles, RV’s and vehicle accessories.

Palm Beach Garage securely stores your valued automobile either in an indoor climate controlled environment or outdoor storage area secured by closed circuit video and 24 hours a day monitoring.

Conveniently located five miles from PBI Airport, we are happy to pick up and/or deliver your stored vehicle as well as provide maintenance or repairs to your car while in storage.

Prior to picking up your vehicle out of storage or delivering it to you, we will check all tire pressures, top off all fluids, and check to see that your vehicle is in perfect working order. A fresh wash and you are ready to go!

Find out why Luxury Car Owners Store Their Treasures at
Palm Beach Garage

Climate Controlled Indoor Storage Facilities

Available short-term or long-term, Palm Beach Garage boasts one of the only air conditioned, indoor automobile storage facilities in Palm Beach County. Living in South Florida means your car is challenged by the elements and can be susceptible to salt and sun damage, or the effects humidity can have on a car. Our services are beneficial for clients who own homes in other areas of the country, are going on lengthy vacations, have multiple vehicles, or simply just want the best care for their automobiles with a team who will ensure it is maintained while stored.

Central Station Alarmed
& 24/7 Video Surveillance

At Palm Beach Garage we have spared no expense in ensuring the utmost security for our clients’ prized assets. With 24/7 video surveillance and a state-of-the-art alarm system, we make sure all of our vehicles are safe and secure.

Battery Maintenance with Supplied Trickle Chargers

Proper vehicle storage means more than keeping your car garaged. This is why all of our vehicle storage clients also benefit from battery maintenance with trickle chargers. Trickle charging provides continuous charging of the battery and extends battery life, meaning you won’t come home to a dead battery and added expense.

Tire Pressure Monitoring and Rotation

Tire pressure monitoring and rotation are preventative measures that prolong the life of your tires. These services all ensure your car will handle optimally, tires won’t prematurely wear, and will maintain a high degree of fuel economy. It also prevents your car’s tires from lumping from sitting in one place too long.

Monthly Engine Start Up and Idle

Lots of auto storage facilities will simply start the car and let it idle. At Palm Beach Garage, we also put your car on an “exercise program” to ensure your car’s engine, brakes, A/C, transmission, and steering are all in operating condition.

Complimentary Wash

Our storage services include a complimentary wash and detail for when you’re ready to pick up your car, or have us deliver it to you. We want you to leave with your automobile looking and driving as good as our own cars.

Car Covers Available

For the most discerning of clients who want the added protection of a car cover, we can help wrap your automobile for long-term storage. We recommend and can offer custom-fit car covers for all makes and models.

Storing the Palm Beaches Finest Automobiles


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