Palm Beaches Automobile Collection Management

Palm Beach Automobile Collection Management

At Palm Beach Garage, our Collection Management services are designed with your financial concerns in mind. We understand that an automotive collection is more than just passion, it is also an investment in your prized assets. Our team takes a holistic approach to your car collection, handling all aspects from service, title and registration management, renewals, dealer appointments, detailing, transportation, and of course, storage. Trust us with your entire small collection management process, and simply enjoy your vehicles the way they were intended.

Porsche West Palm Beach




Let us arrange the pickup and delivery of your cars for the weekends, for your guests, events, parties, or even days at the track. Your car will arrive clean, with a full tank of gas, and ready to drive.

Local and Long Distance Transportation

Local and Long Distance Transportation

Whether your car flies north for the summer, back for the winter, is headed to or from a distant concourse, or you’ve acquired a new addition, we facilitate covered car transport with the most trusted carriers around.



Palm Beach Garage Palm Beach Garage Manufacturer Recommended Services

Palm Beach Garage is licensed to provide scheduled service and warranty appointments for most luxury car manufacturers. We can also place your antique or classic car on a scheduled service plan so you don’t have to worry about the health of your mechanical systems, fluids, or seals. Simply drive away with confidence in your cars.

Dealer Warranty Appointments & Recalls

Palm Beach Garage Scheduled Maintenance

We understand that car collectors are often too busy to manage all their cars, transport them to and from repair shops, and stay abreast of dealer notifications. We can help facilitate and manage appointments with dealers for warranties as well as recalls so your car can remain safe.

Title &

Registration Work

Collection Management Title Registration Work

When you buy and sell lots of cars, transferring titles and registering vehicles can be a lot of work. We make this process painless and help with the title and registration procedures that are required to drive, buy, and sell cars.



Auto Detailing Palm Beach Garage

We recommend an ongoing wash program to keep up the aesthetic integrity of vehicles. Beyond that, we take on the individual preferences of our clients depending on the use of the vehicle and the client’s needs. Daily driving detailing differs from showroom quality detailing so we provide our clients the option depending on when, and how, they need their car cleaned up.