Antique Cars

Antique Car Service, Repair & Restoration West Palm Beach

If your favorite car is older than 30, doesn’t have 40 cup holders, GPS, and bluetooth speakers, you might just have yourself an antique. While we won’t argue what the true definition of an antique car is — there are plenty of car clubs that will — we will argue that Palm Beach Garage is the best place to take it for service, repair, or restoration.

At our 8-bay, state-of-the-art, air conditioned garage, we have all the bells and whistles to service the most sophisticated of vehicles. But we also understand the roots of where all these Ferrari’s and Bentley’s come from, and we have a soft spot for antique cars just like you do.

So, if you are looking for an antique car mechanic in West Palm Beach that specializes in all makes and models, you can count on us to make your old car drive like new.


Dealership Quality Diagnostic & Repair

Older cars tend to have their quirks, imperfections, and bugs that make them loved by their owners. While this can all be chalked up to having an antique car that ages less favorably than a fine wine, sometimes what we all want is a antique car that runs as good as the day it rolled off the factory floor.

Our diagnostic services include multi-point visual and mechanical inspections to find the root of your car’s problems and alert you to the potential issues. What we have learned about working with older cars is that the root of their problems can be invisible, and an inspection that is much more than a “once over” is the only way to find a solution to cars that can’t speak to computers.

If we find issues with your car, we’ll let you know what your options are and get your final sign-off on any work before we make repairs.


Antique Maintenance, Repair, & Restoration

Antique cars, like newer cars, still require frequent upkeep to ensure they run smoothly and safely. We can place your antique on a custom maintenance plan to monitor common areas such as oil and filter replacements, brake inspections, transmission checks, and more.

If your car needs more significant repairs we specialize in both cosmetic and mechanical automotive care. Furthermore, if you are looking to bring back your antique to its former glory, our full suite of restoration services can be used for technical areas such as electrical work, brake and steering systems replacements, chassis modifications, and full blown engine overhauls and replacements.


Save Your Warranty & Your Money

Palm Beach Garage’s antique car repair and maintenance services are designed to keep your car running better, longer. We’ll use the manufacturer’s recommended fluids as well as parts and maintain the complete originality of your vehicle. If you have any questions about any of our services or specific issues with your particular car, feel free to reach out to us today.

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